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"IPSV"="Intimate Partner Sexual Violence "
If your service is interested in having input from me about IPSV, please contact me.

I have an associate Diploma in Welfare Studies (La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia). For more than a decade, I have studied IPSV extensively, and continue to do so. I have supported survivors of IPSV as well as sexual assault in general, and domestic violence for 22 years. I am a survivor of IPSV, and while I recognise that this is insufficient alone to tackle it from a professional point of view, neither do I discount it as a teaching tool. My work has accrued a degree of recognition internationally as having expertise in this topic. I am an articulate, skilled and - just in case this is important to know - friendly speaker.
  • Talks and Presentations: I am proficient in Power Point if you need an IPSV presentation. A talk or presentation can be as short ar as long as you need it to be.
  • Articles: I can write articles on IPSV, or have input into one for your publication
  • Consultancy: Is your service creating resources for survivors of IPSV? If you would like me to have input, or just to bounce a few ideas around, please get in touch.
    • What perspectives would you like me to share? I can speak/write about many different aspects of IPSV, or an overview of the topic including the centrally important parts. I am also happy to speak/write about my experience as a survivor
    • Who is your audience? I have a multidisciplinary know edge-base and therefore can tailor speaking/writing according to your audience, be they social workers, doctors ,clergy, survivors, general public and more. If it is a broad-based audience, there can be a little of something for everybody.
  • Please note that my coauthor, Dr .Patricia Easteal is eminently knowledgeable about IPSV and legal perspectives. If this interests you, contact me and I can pass your message on to her.
  • Writing:
    • Coauthor with Dr .Patricia Easteal of the book Real Rape, Real Pain: Help for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners. See here for more information
    • Considering the Differences: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Discourse, Washington Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCSAP) Connections , Spring/Summer 2008.
      Read pdf here
    • A crime against women, a crime against wives - Louise McOrmond-Plummer One-In-Three Newsletter, Feb 2008 Not available online
    • My Path: The Why and How of Real Rape- Louise McOrmond-Plummer, for the Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Center (DVIRC) Quarterly Newsletter Read pdf here
  • Speaking:
    • Talk plus Q&A on what is important for professionals to know about IPSV and responding to it, Aged Concern, Albury
    • Gave a talk plus Q&A to the For Better or Worse? Intimate Partner Sexual Violence conference hosted by Rape Crisis Scotland Read a pdf of the speech here.
    • Appeared in Roma, QLD to present a paper, coauthored with Patricia Easteal titled "Women Sexually Assaulted by a Partner or Ex Partner: Falling between the justice cracks" at "The Way Forward - Exploring Domestic Violence in South West Queensland" forum
    • On the statewide Day of Action Against Sexual Assault, gave a presentation on the book Real Rape, Real Pain to 35 health workers and counsellors.
  • Input into IPSV Resources:
I am currently co-editing a book on IPSV for professionals, to be relased in November 2013. Please see this page for more information

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