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Here is an award you can take if your rape, domestic violence or trauma-related site acknowledges partner rape or provides information about it.
Acknowledgement may be one sentence, or more comprehensive information. 
Right click and save it to your own hard drive.
If you wish you can link it back to: http://www.aphroditewounded.org
Aphrodite Wounded Award for sites that mention partner rape

Below are a few little award-gifts to choose from that you can take for yourself. I prefer to say "gifts" because I'm not in the habit of giving awards to people on the basis of whether I think their site is "good enough" or not. I don't think I could judge the work of another survivor in those terms, and I don't give a damn about design etc - it's where your heart is that counts. Also, some are just for fun so pick what you think suits you.

Aphrodite wounded warrior woman award

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