Support for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners
Educational Resources for Professionals
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"And then our speaking out will permit other women to speak, until laws are changed and lives are saved and the world is altered forever.”
~ Audre Lorde ~


To Survivors:
Below, you will see requests from people who are looking for survivor interviews. It's good to help people find out as much as possible about IPSV and related fields, so if you are up to it, I hope you will consider responding. Please use the email addresses that those making requests are asked to provide so that you can ask questions you may have before proceeding, to make sure that participating is right for you.
Please note that as much as is possible, I check the legitimacy of all requests before they appear. However, you are still encouraged to check anything out yourself.
Certainly never exchange details, meet with or speak to anybody until you are sure it's okay.

To The Journalist, Writer or Filmmaker:
If you have read this page first, you are most welcome to place a research request here.

Name: Michael Olasope
Media feature is for: Book
Focus of media item (to be elaborated below): The dark side of university. Dealing with serious issues that go on in university.
Name of Program/Publication/Website:  
Link to Program/Publication/Website:  
Tell us about the media item: I am writing a fictional book on the dark side of a university. One of the issues I am speaking about is campus rape. I want to expose how common it is, its effects, etc. I also want to show how therapy helps.
Slant media item will take:  
Type of questions participants will be asked: I am mainly trying to speak to professionals that deal with survivors of partner rape and campus rape. I want to find out how they normally deal with survivors, especially when it's very fresh.
Can participants be anonymous? Up to Interviewee
Does participant need to be photographed? No
Participants to be from specific geographical location:  
Specific age-group sought: 16 -25
How are interviews to be conducted? Will discuss preference with respondent
Specific instructions for participants:  
Latest date participants needed by: None
Email address participants should use to contact: poetluo@gmail.com
Other contact details:  
Any final relevant information?  
Date request Submitted: 06/10/2016