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"IPSV"="Intimate Partner Sexual Violence "

If you are journalist or writer who would like input from survivors of intimate partner sexual violence I would be very happy to help you get interviewees. Here's how I'll do that:
If you would like to interview me about IPSV, the topic in general and/or my experience of it, I will be happy to talk to you too. Contact me.

Would you like to use writing from this site for a media article?
Unless somebody is using what I have written for negative purposes, I am really happy for people to use anything I've written.
Please go here for usage details.
Another Request Resource
We also post journalist or writer requests on Pandora's Aquarium messageboard for survivors of rape and sexual assault. If you are interested in having your request posted there too, go here to see what information we require.

Drop me a line!
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