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"My body's not a foottball for you
My womb is not a football for you
~ Sinead O'Connor ~
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Survivor's Story: I was raped by a friend my Freshman year of College. It was a late night and we had gone out together to look for a party, we both had a little to drink. He had offered me to sleep on his bed because my roommate had brought her sister over that night and his roommate had an available bed that he could sleep on. I agreed and went back to his room, we started to kiss for a little bit, but I got tired and told him I was going to go to sleep. He continued to persist and ask for sex. I told him No and I wouldn't do it if I was sober either. He started to pull down my skirt and underwear but I kept pulling it back up. He kept touching inappropiately and told me it would "feel so much better once he gets it in." I was too tired to jump off the bed, but I started to cry because I continued to resist and he came on even stronger. I finally felt like I couldn't resist anymore and no matter what I said was not enough to stop him. He pulled down my underwaer and put it in anal. I told him to stop because it hurt so much , but he just pushed even harder. I felt so awful for 3 months because I thought I had "gave in" and it wasn't rape if I couldn't stop it anymore. I trusted him, he was my friend, and he betrayed and hurt me in the worst way possible. I eventually found the courage to speak up, but don't ever let a boy think it was your fault, no means no. Doesn't matter if you say it 10 times or once, no is not consent.
Submitted May 7 , 2014 7 : 37 am

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