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Survivor's Story: January 24, two years ago, I was raped. so i was dating this guy. and i fell asleep at his house while we were watching a movie, right after we had had a mtn dew w/ vodka. i dont remember what happened between vodka and sleep, but when i finally woke up he was fucking me. the next day i didnít remember any of it but i had really bad bruises on my throat. i asked him about it, and he said he didnt know anything. i then found out from his friend that he had let them come over and fuck me while i was out, and that he had drugged me. when i woke up the first time and saw him fucking me, i passed out again but i remember feeling sick to my stomach. and when i found out, it was too late to tell the cops because it had been like a month so they would have no proof. i wore a scarf for two weeks because of the bruises. his one friend thoughÖ he invited him over and when he saw me, he said no way and walked out. but he told me there was like 8 guys there including devion. three of the guys who were there are now in prison doing 25-life for raping a 16 year old girl in a parking lot. that girl wasnít afraid to go to the cops. i was.

2 years later, on the anniversary of the incident, I had a bad feeling, so i slept in my car in the garage.

the next day, after school, i went home and sat for a while and was tired, but didnít want to sleep. i was chatting with some people, and i heard a board creak, meaning someone else was in my house. i hid in an upstairs closet with my hunting knife and my cell phone and called 911. one of the people who was in my house was standing right outside the closet, and got tackled by a cop. he had a gun. the other guy was in the basement looking for me. three cops came back upstairs to find me, and when they did, i sat in the ambulance for a few minutes while they did a test on my blood. i had rophynol in my blood and they gave me adderall to counteract the effects. i ended up in a safe house (copís home, neighbors), where another guy tried to break in and get to me. I spent a few days with my brother and another week in seattle with my cousin.

about a month later, they broke into my house and shot me. three days in ICU and another week just in hospital.
Submitted June 1 , 2013 5 : 52 pm

Currently Viewing 1 - 1 of 57
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