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"IPSA"="Intimate Partner Sexual Assault "
This new page will give a great big BRAVO and a to individuals and organizations who are assisting in breaking the silence and raising awareness around Intimate Partner Sexual Violence.
Many people are aware of the silence that surrounds this context of sexual assault, and that bringing it into the light is not only necessary to deny its continuation, but is also revolutionary work. Revolutions happen slowly, and their momentum depends on as many voices as possible, but they do happen.

If you know of anything happening in the world or if you're doing something, please email and let me know about it. Have you recently read a silly comment in the paper and written a letter to challenge it? Spoken out in other ways? Does your organization include activities or practice with partner rape - for survivors, education and/or social change? Have you got a webpage of information? I want to know about it and tell the world!

First, Honorable mentions:
The researchers and writers, my sisters in Feminism who fought to have marital rape criminalized, those working for further legal changes, and every survivor who has shared her story on this site and elsewhere.

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
I LOVE the work of WCSAP! Really, this organization has been so proactive with IPSV. Go here to check out the IPSV resources WCSAP has developed to enhance responses to survivors. Jennifer Levy Peck of WCSAP gets her own star for having authored an IPSV support-group curriculum. and IPSV Train-the-Trainer curriculum. Excellent.

Another excllent WCSAP Program is IPSV Program: Sexual Assault and Stalking in the Context of Domestic Violence This exciting program provides technical assistance to local sexual assault and domestic violence programs to enhance their response to survivors of IPSV. It is also aimed at improving law-enforcement responses
Rape Crisis Scotland
11th March 2009: The For Better of For Worse: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Conference was held in Glasgow - the first of it's kind. I was privileged to have an opportunity to speak at it, and word has it that two police officers said that the conference completely changed the way they view IPSV. Revolutionary stuff, indeed! The sisters at RC Scotland also can be justly proud of the "This is Not and Invitation to Rape Me" campaign, which addresses popular myths and misconceptions about partner rape. Yes, another star for that
National Judicial Education Program of Legal Momentum
Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence - A comprehensive online course.
Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence Inc.
Understanding and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence -  This one day training program, is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of refuge and domestic violence workers in relation to Intimate Partner Sexual Assault (IPSA), principally to enable participants to identify and effectively and confidently respond to disclosures of sexual violence in the course of their professional practice. Featured on the Australian Center For the Study of Sexual Assault Promising Practice webpage


Natalia Courageous survivor has just opened up another resource of support and information about partner rape. View her site, Finding Sunlight
Laura Connett Marvellous and courageous young partner rape survivor makes an excellent 10-minute documentary to share her story. You may view it here.
Jan Yap
Click here to read how one brave Australian woman, sexually assaulted after 28 years of marriage, stood up to the perpetrator and the system that does not ensure that perpetrators are adequately punished..
Loretta Holmes
Click here to read this amazing Australian woman's story (a little box will appear that you can click to display the article full-size).Ms. Holmes prosecuted her husband of 16 years for attempted rape and has spoken out for other women (Appeared in the Border Mail, April 2, 2009 p. 1, 6)
Loretta gets another starfor speaking out in Take 5 magazine (September 23 2009 No. 39 pp.8-9) There is more comprehsive coverage of her story - read it here and applaud Loretta's courage

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