Aohrodite Wounded - Support for Women sexually assaulted by male partners and educational resources for professionals
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"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
~ Buddha ~
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"I just want to say how touched and released, i am by your book."

"Thank you for all your amazing efforts. Denying myself as a victim in my opinion has been my greatest obstacle to healing".
"I read this book about 18 months ago and I found it easy to read and it had a profoundly healing affect."

"Looking forward to your book release date was a beacon of hope, and reading it enabled me to speak up to the right agencies to get help for myself and my five kids. I had no idea that so much damage was being done. I don't think I had a month left to live. He's been charged and removed from our home. Your book saved my life. Thank you so very, very much."
"I bought the book, and it was as if someone had lifted this huge burden off me. I can FINALLY name what happened to me (in both marriages ). I am so amazed how helpful both this site, and the book are. I did not know how much pain I was trying to "stuff", until I realized what had happened to me.
Thank you!!!"

"Your book is tremendously helpful. Thank you so very much. I waited for over six months before I could buy it, and wasn't sure it would be worth so much. My husband has been arrested, just four weeks after my reading your book. It empowered me to tell my story. Once I started to tell, I was amazed at how much support I found. One week after I started to tell, I was able to get away to have a rape kit done, and give a statement. The police took over from there.... "

"Full of interesting info and very supportive for us survivors"

"I have been confused for such a long time. I often think that the incidences that happened between me and my ex were not "really" rape.. Sometimes I still think that I could have had it so much worse since he never really beat me that bad. I also feel so guilty because sometimes the forced sex made me feel good. I have often wondered if these some of the reasons I stayed quiet. Thank you so much for helping realize that these feelings are normal for a person who has experienced partner rape. "

"I can not thank you enough for writing this book. You (and all of the women) courageously shared your stories giving a much needed voice to the subject of marital rape. This book has been such an eye opener, I now know that I am not alone. What a double edged sword! I find consolation in not being alone but it is horrific that so many of us have been raped by men we loved.
I am finally free of my husband/rapist. (he was indicted for sexual assault with physical force.) I am working on healing and having a new life without abuse. Your book has helped tremendously!"

"Only on page 6, and I can't stop crying.
It's been a long road to even naming what happens to me, I just wanted to say, thank you."

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