Support for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners
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“For knowledge is not given as gift...but through study...The free mind, not afraid of labor, presses on to attain the good.”
~ Laura Cereta ~


If you are researching intimate partner sexual violence and/or related issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence or trauma, I would be very happy to help you get respondents. Here's how I'll do that:
  • You can post a request here and then you'll need to wait a maximum of 24 hours for your request to appear. This is in order to keep spam out of the request page, and also because I need to make sure it's a legitimate request. I love to assist in getting information about sexual assault - especially intimate partner sexual assault out there so unless the request is vague and creepy, all should be good.
  • I'll place a prominent note on the introductory page of this site directing visitors to view the request
  • I'll put a note and link to the request on the Aphrodite Wounded Facebook page and ask people to share the request among their networks
  • I'll tweet the information.
If you would like to interview me about IPSV, the topic in general and/or my experience of it, I will be happy to talk to you too. Contact me.

There is also a host of IPSV studies and other materials here that you might find useful.

Would you like to use writing from this site for research purposes?
Unless somebody is using what I have written for negative purposes, I am really happy for people to use anything I've written.
Please go here for usage details.

Do you want to use the survivor stories on this site for case studies?
If you are researching marital/partner rape, there is some really rich source material on this site. I'm really happy for you to use stories if you contact me first and let me know what context you will be using the stories in.

Another Request Resource
We also post research requests on Pandora's Aquarium messageboard for survivors of rape and sexual assault. If you are interested in having your request posted there too, go here to see what information we require.