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"Mother, the doctor knows something is wrong, 'Cause my body has strange information "
~ Suzanne Vega~
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I was 9 wen my dad friend raped me we was sitting on the couch and my dad had to go to the hospital to see his cousin and he told me to stay and let him watch me so i went to my room and went to sleep then i woke up and he was standing there and he took my clothes off and started licking and touching me then he shuved it in and it hurted then he went harder and i started bleeding and he said it will be okay and i told him to get off of me and he said no i said i will tell he said if u say anythig i will do it everyday and kill u and he tried to shuve it all the way in and then i was 12 and my dad took me over his house cause he had to work and i told him i didnt want to go and he was like you have to so i went in and sat down and he told me to come up stairs i didnt go so he came ad got me and it was 4 other men up stairs and the were smoking weed and drinking he told me to do it i turned my head and i tried to run but he grabed me and layed mo no the bed and he took my clothes off and then all of them took turns sticking them inside me i had 2 at a time inside me it was the orst pain ever then when i was 15 he did it agian i told my dad i wanted to go live with my mom but i didnt know her at the time so he kept doing it till i was 17 and then i told him i would kill him if he touched me so he didnt do nothing and the i told my dad and he shot him twice and i started doing drugs to to get my mind off it and i partyed every night and got wasted and thats my story.
Submitted November 6 , 2011 9 : 04 am

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