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Survivor's Story: When I was five, I was playing hide-n-seek with my uncle and his best friend. I remember that when we hid it took a long time for the person to find us because of how big the house was and because of all the very hard to find hiding spots.
It was my uncle's turn to find me and his friend. His friend said that he would help me find a spot to hide. I agreed like any normal five year old. We found a little pantry to hide in and we closed the door so my uncle couldn't find us that easily.
We were hiding for about two minutes and whispering to each other when he told me to pull down my pants. I did because I didn't know better. When i pulled down my pants, he did the same. Again I didn't think much of it.
He then pushed me against the wall and started to rub his penis against my vagina. It was weird for me so I kept whispering to him for him to stop. he didn't listen.
When i started getting louder he gagged me with a bandanna and kept rubbing himself against me. i started crying and he laughed. he said to quit crying. we were just having fun.
It was then that he penetrated me. I tried to scream but no one could hear me for the gag. he kept humping me and grunting until he came. He pulled out and pulled both our pants up. i was still crying so he told me to quit or he would tell that i was misbehaving and i would be whooped. so i tried until i quit crying so he took the gag off. he told me not to tell that it was our little secret. so i didn't. my uncle then found us a few minutes later and we kept playing.
his friend then raped me again a hour later.
i went four years until i found out that what he had done was statutory rape.
i was too scared and ashamed to tell anyone for another four years but by then it was too late for anyone to do anything about it.
fortunately he is in prison for another rape charge and for theft.
however i will never get my innocence backs. i will never get the countless of hours of sleep i lost from nightmares of that night.
I am now 15 but i still cannot get over it. I can't even tell my own mom that i was raped.
Submitted October 11 , 2011 7 : 53 am

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