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Hello friends my name is shruthi. I am a house wife i have small son....:)i have completed A boy who was eighteen years old lived infront of my home .... When ever my son cried he used to hear tat and come running towards my home and used to play wit him .... After an year passed he became close to me .... While talking wit me he used to stare to my breasts and also peep in my sunday he came to my home and started playing wit my son ..... His family members we in his village .so he was alone at home .... As it was sunday after doing all the work i thought of having bath .... Tat boy was still playing wit my son the afternoon when i went for the bath he went into the kitchen and took knife .... When i come out of bath i went in the bedroom and got dressed up and come out .... Wat i saw was shocking .... Tat boy took knife and kept it on my son's throat and said me to become naked .... I asked him why is he acting like tat .... He replied me not to act smart and quickly remove my dress .... Other wise he will kill my son and run away .... My husband died 1 year ago there was on one in home .... I have to agree to his deal and i started removing my dress ....he said to through my dress towards him and i did the same .... He hurriedly opened him phone and started shooting video of me .... When i was completely naked he said me to dance .... He shooted the whole video and kept it....since den he used to blackmail me and was sexually abusing me .... He said me to suck his cock daily for 4 hours and said me to remain naked in home .... If i wear clothes he tear them all and make me naked :-) he drinks my breast milk daily and suck and fuck me daily .... The whole night he wakes me up and when ever he wants he fucks me and order me to suck his cock .... In the night time he brings me outside and fucks me on the road and in the play ground .... He torture me a lot .... He steals dresses of teen girls in the night and tell me to wear them and he again rape me tat night wit giving me more pain .... He fucks me in kitchen room while i am preparing for food .... In bath tub while having bath....he brings blue films of rape type and tries on me the same thing .... Every time he says me to give blowjob and handjob .... He kisses me every time .... He puts banana in my vagina and eat it :-) he orders me to drink his sperm ....and also tell me to give out my juices .... If i refuse he beats on my vagina and ass :-) when he becomes angry he fucks my ass which is very tight and gives me more pain .... He enjoys giving me pain ....he orders me to make coffee from my breast milk and if i say no he drench them like the animals and takes milk from my breasts .... He put his cock in my mouth and complete his homework .... It his completion i have to suck it .... In the morning he orders me to clean his ass after doing his laterine and tell me to give him a bath .... He makes me sit naked infront of me and put hot water in my vagina .... When i shout he puts his penis in my mouth and kicks on my breasts ....i thought of dying but who will look after my son .... I am worried abt him ....

In the begining he used to bring condom and fuck me but now he fucks me without it .... Infront of his friends he calls me and talk in bad manner abt me and calls me as a prostitute .... He tells his parents tat he is going to his friends house for night study and come to my home and fucks me the whole night ....
Wat ever he thinks new he tries on me .... He had made many sex movies of mine and blackmails me .....i am not understanding wat to do and where to go ....i want a solution for my problem .... Now i am a pregnent women of 4 months .... If society ask me question how should i answer i am not getting any idea.... But still he rapes me daily ....

Plz help me ....
Submitted November 5 , 2011 11 : 18 am

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