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"Mother, the doctor knows something is wrong, 'Cause my body has strange information "
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Survivor's Story: I was 13 , didn't know a thing about sex. Didn't know a vagina had a hole , totally naive. I was an only child so it was kind of expected. My mother was always open with me about sex. I hadn't even properly kissed a guy. But this was about to change one summer night in my mobile home park.

There was a group of a few of us , friends and this guy who was 16. He was a creep no one really liked him but he always had taken a shine to me as I was nice enough to talk back to him unlike the others. We were playing a game called red letter. This is where there are 2 groups and each person in one group get a letter to spell a word and the other group has to find them and get the letter off them.

I ran off , I always got a buzz out of playing games. I ran behind a mobile home and he saw me and caught me by the arm "tell me your letter" , "no" I said and ran off and hid under a van still playing the game. Then suddenly my phone went off *dad calling* I didn't answer. But he had found my place he pulled me out from under the van and dragged me into a field. I still thought he was playing but he had another game to play.. He threw me on the grass and sat on top of me , he was heavy and tall and I'm skinny and small for my age so it wasn't hard for him to get on top of me. His hands went down my pants and he viciously shoved his fingers in my vagina "my letters A , please stop I roared" but he kept going. He then sat on top of me and put his penis in my mouth and pulled my hair out every time i tried to bite. When he had finished he threw me away and walked off , I remember lying there thinking what had happened me? What was that?

My parents didn't notice anything different about me , but after 2 years of holding in this nightmare I started getting anxiety attacks and suffered depression. It took me 3 years to tell anyone that horrendous night. I still find it difficult in sexual encounters. I have a boyfriend now and its having serious effects on our relationship. I don't think this nightmare will ever end.
Submitted July 27 , 2011 4 : 00 am

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