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Survivor's Story: My best friend Rebecca and I had a small group of guy friends that we all knew well. I had moved away an came back to visit Rebecca.

That night we went to a party. We had a few drinks and went home to her house. She was sleeping on the bed, I was sleeping on the floor. I was having a weird dream and started to wake up. I could feel hands on my leg and another hand penetrating me. Paralyzed with fear I opened my eyes slightly to see a larger man at my feet. When he saw I was waking up he stopped and laid very still. Then he looked up and went for my genitals again. I recognized him as one of the guys from our group of friends. I jumped up, kicked him in the face as hard as I could, and woke up my friend. She escorted him out.

I was a virgin and very distraught. The next day I couldn't eat, I walked around in a daze, and I felt sick to my stomach. He was confronted by our other male friends in the days following. It has been 15 years since that happened. I live regretting that I was foolish enough to not report him. My friend said she had caught him in her house before at night, but he had never done anything to her. Months after my incident he broke into the house of a teenager and did the same thing to her. I check every week. Every Monday the first thing I look at is the prison roll. He is, and has been, locked up for years for his crime against the other girl.

I am healthy, happy, and have good relationships. I guess maybe this should be a story of hope. I did not report it and I regret that. On the other hand, I recovered. I will not and have not ever let that event in my life dictate who I am, how I react to people, or how I choose to love. Everyone isn't like them. They are scum and should not be a part of our society.

Stay strong, ladies. Remember, this is not your fault, this is a reflection of who the perpetrator is and they are bad people.
Submitted April 4 , 2013 1 : 07 pm

Currently Viewing 6 - 6 of 104
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