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"Mother, the doctor knows something is wrong, 'Cause my body has strange information "
~ Suzanne Vega~
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Survivor's Story: he was my babysitter every time my mama and fuzi (dad) were out for work .he had oral sex with me and would beat me if i said no or cry i don't had the courage to scream because at first he would kick punch and smash my forehead in the stopped when my PE sir saw marks on my wrists and when he asked me to tell the reason i started to shake and the worst time came when he called my babysitter to come because my parents were on the buisness trip when he was sitting and dicussing the marks but when he looked at me with angry eyes but then smiled and then pat on my back then it went harder when he asked to tell the reason i was shocked he got mad and when he shouted i got scared and said " don't touch me i promise i am not gonna tell them that you did this" my teachers were shocked and my babysitter was a diplomat so he was sent back to his country.i still have flashbacks ,i am afraid of dark(because he often shut me in the dark), i have panic attacks ,i shake when someone shouts .
Submitted December 21 , 2011 6 : 16 pm

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