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Survivor's Story: The man who raped me was my best friend. And it hapened twice. I have since found out that the man also attacked my then girlfriend.

As any normal 18year old male I would go to the pub with friends, drink a fair bit then go home which happened a fair bit too. Often my Dad would pick me up and take me home.
One night I was due to stay at my *best mate's* place. We met up with friends and went to the pub, drinking the place dry, or at least attempting to. When suitably drunk, we went back to another friends place and drank whiskey from the bottle. As you can imagine, I was very drunk. At some strange hour of the morning, me and my *best friend* went bac to his place, and he showed me to my room. I woke several hours (Or minutes, I'm not sure) to the sound of grunting and a horrible pain. I was too scared to move or beathe, I just waited for things to finish. When I knew I was on my own again, I quietly let myself out, now feeling very sober, and walked 35miles home. I even had to break into my parents place as I didn't have my keys. I convinced myself it didn't happen, like it was a strange nightmare or something. I went back to the same pub, doing the same things, even drinking the same beer.
The second time was almost a carbon copy of the first, and I knew it wasn't bad dream. Except he forced me to suck his cock first. I couldn't delude myself that it was a dream now.
I took drugs and sank into deppression, even tried commiting suicide several times. It was a long time before
I let my parents help me. I am looking to go see someone about getting some counseling now. In the last few years I have started to realize how much this has affected me. I know what happened wasn't my fault, but I still have bouts of deppression, struggle to stay in a house with a man, and have an eating disorder. I am now 32.
Submitted September 20 , 2011 2 : 56 am

Currently Viewing 91 - 91 of 104
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