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"Mother, the doctor knows something is wrong, 'Cause my body has strange information "
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Survivor's Story: This first happened when I was maybe about 10. It was family day at the park. My dad took me, his girlfriend, and her daughter and nephew. When we got back to my dad's house, they took a nap so just us 3 went outside. BTW the nephew person was 9 but he was bigger and stronger than me. All the apt had little storage shacks. The neighbors had just moved out so it was unlocked. We went in there. I had no idea he would do that he closed to the door and tried to kiss me and take off my pants but he no so I told the girl to go get my dad, but he said YOU BETTER NOT so she didn't. Luckily I got away that tike though cause I kicked him where it would hurt any boy.
The second time I was 12 he was 11 the girl this time she was 6. My dad and her mom were taking a nap again so we went outside. We were playing hide and seek. I guess he followed me cause there was like a bush in the front yard that aleast 5 people could fit in and nobody would know you were in it unless you made a sound (but of course there was no one there to hear anything). I didn't think he would do anything so I didn't think anything of it.Then he grabbed me. He sat on my back so that I couldn't get up or push him off and he fingered me. Then he stuck it in me. At first it hurt but then the pain went away it it felt good but I didn't want it and I couldn't get him off of me.
Then my dad broke up with his girlfriend and they ironically moved right next to me.
My dads ex asked if I would babysit her daughter and not knowing he would be there, I said yes. BTW now I am 14 he is 12 he had not turned 13 yet till the next week) and she is 8. It was already to late before I realized he was there. The girl went to take a nap so that left me and him alone. I don't know why, I guess it was a normal teenage girl hormones telling me I wanted it so my body so saying yes and my mind was saying no. I got up to go get a drink and that's when he grabbed me. He twisted my arms behind me so that if I tried to pull away it would hurt. Then he pushed me back on the couch and took off my clothes. He said I was ugly but I had sexy body. He held me down and fingered me for about 5 minutes. And he got on top of me and then I felt him inside of me. I wanted to throw up at that point. And it hurt. He took my yelps of pain as moans of pleasure. He kept saying stuff like how he was going to get me pregnant and I know you like it. That continued for about the next 10 mins. I guess the girl is a hard sleeper or she was too scared to come check what was happening. After it was over I just put my clothes back on and laid on the couch until my dads ex came back. I was too scared to say anything so I just left. I never said anything to anybody about all 3 occasions until not. And the stories on here inspired me to tell my story.
Submitted November 22 , 2011 8 : 34 am

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