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"When friends by shame are undefiled, how can I keep from singing?"
~ Enya ~


Here are some of the lovely comments I've received from around the world over the years regarding Aphrodite Wounded 

"I would just like to know, you and your site have helped me more than words can describe or do justice!!! You have empowered me so much, and helped me throughout my journey through absolute complete and utter HELL!!! ".

"Reading through your website already helped me a lot - I will speak out now and don't blame myself anymore or beat myself up about it . "
"Kudos on this site. Well written in a no nonsense and direct way".
"Thank you so much for your book, and your website. They have both been very helpful to me as I try to find answers. ".
"Thanks again for paving the way for others like me and for helping get me through some of the worst times of my life".
"Louise, I have been working in sexual assault and domestic violence for about 20 years and am an admirer of your contributions to the work of addressing violence against women."
"I wanted to tell you that since I finally admitted to myself that sexual assault by a partner does happen this is the only site that I found that was truely helpful! ".
"Your website is what helped me name what happened to me. I believed all those myths before I came upon your site while I was still with my abuser. Your site gave me the strength to leave him. Thank you so much. ".

"I applaud the wonderful work you are doing to make a difference." 
"I received validation here and now I have no question as to my abuse. again. THANK YOU for this site..
  "Thank you so much for putting this out there, it's a real service. I am in my late 30's now and have learnt important information here. I would have been so grateful if I read this when I was first sexually assaulted at the age of 16"
"I am a survivor (recent incident from 2013) and am still traumatized. I just surfing domestic violence sites and came across this website. I was instantly impressed about how this website has everything a survivor needs and a caring owner to this site! I am going to buy your book. I am glad you are safe louise. Thank you Louise, you have helped me. Your site is awesome and I will recommend it to any survivors (I pray that I don't have to recommend it for this violence needs to stop). But keep up the work and I'd love to hear you speak if you ever come to America!!".
"Thank you. You were my first step forward"

"Hi Louise! Thank you very much for this extensive website. I've always been annoyed by the perception that marital or partner rape isn't "real" rape so I find it extremely delightful that there are people like you fighting against this insulting perception. I wish all the best to you and all the survivors who have contributed to this site. Keep on goin' since you definitely rock!"

"...beaming at how wonderful a resource it will be for so many women".

" Your site is beautiful"
"I think you contribute to such an extent to women's healing".
"Your website has been a source of information and comfort to me, validating what I already knew intellectually to be true from my own training, but emotionally could not accept. As you are well-aware, there is little information on partner-rape available, so what you had to say was especially cherished by me.I plan to return to your site over and over as I begin my journey to healing".
"I was cruising the web looking for even just a bit of help with this issue today and there you were and I really want to thank you for having your page there for me to read".
"Thank you for taking the time to tell your story and give your subjects of inspiration and suggestions for healing. I will pass your website on to my therapist!!"
"This morning I was searching for the music to Cry Little Sister and my search brought me to your website. I like to think it was some sort of divine intervention, because visiting your site was truly what I needed. I want to thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and sensitive site. To find your site, to read it (and I think I read just about every page and many of the links today), validated my experiences and has given me courage. I think I am finally able to get counselling".
"I appreciate you putting up a site with new information about abuse issues. I found information on your site that I did not find elsewhere".

"When I need validation & understanding about the sexual abuse that happened to me, I come to this website to help me. I've been doing it for over a year, and I truly don't know how I would have gotten by without it." 
"You should know that many of the sources that are cited on your page are from texts that are required at the master's level university - beyond that, it's the FIRST comprehensive resource I've found on the topic (and trust me, I'm invested in looking!)".
  "I just wanted to thank you for a terrific web site ... I've been looking for information for months on relationship rape and couldn't find anything then I got lucky and stumbled upon your site finally ... it's very informative and supportive. I'm glad that you have enough guts to tell your story and try to help other women in the same situation"
"I just finished reading your website. In some ways I'm speechless (which doesn't happen often!). I have been struck by the lack of information specifically on partner rape, coercion, etc, and your site will prove to be a valuable resource for me. It is incredibly well written, researched and easy-to-read. As a therapist in training, I thank you on behalf of my clients".
And I can't resist sharing this mail from one of my good mates:
 "Hi hon - just thought I would let you know that today we had our research meeting for our project and one of the girls came across your website. She is a survivor but I hadn't mentioned it to her and she didn't know that I knew you. She absolutely raved about it - insisted that the whole group had a look at as it was so brilliant.Of course then I played friend to the stars and said 'actually I know the woman who wrote that web site and she's amazing' ! So there you go - a completely unbiased view on your work and it is seen as fantastic (and ya made me look good lol) Anyway just thought that you might like to know that :)

To all who write me with such comments, it's a real honour to have been able to have assisted you in some way. You rock, people, and don't you forget it.