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"IPSV"="Intimate Partner Sexual Violence"

Survivors of intimate partner sexual assault have often found it hard to get access to services that really understand partner rape,or are equipped to deal with it. Below, you will find links to databases of counsellors and services that have designated themselves as IPSV Survivor- Friendly services. There may be one near you, and I hope you will find it usefu and healing.
Even if a service appears in the database, you are still encouraged to check any service or counsellor out further to see if it's right for you. Importantly, nor do I wish to be alarmist and imply that any service or counsellor not listed here is no good - there are several fine ones out there (don't forget to see this page on choosing a therapist.). What the database is concerned with is giving you information about services known to be sensitive to IPSV. If you are frightened about responses you'll get, unsure about who can or will help you or you've already had bad experiences, this knoweldge will hopefully come as a relief. Please note that if you are in crisis now you are very much encouraged to make use of the services on this page.

You'll note that services are asked about counselling approaches. If you need to understand more about what these terms mean, please see this page (link opens in a separate window so that you won't get taken away from this page). Here, also, is a useful article about counselling qualifications and sexual assault.

A note about the individual counselling services that are not specifically diomestic violence or sexual assault services:
The counsellors will usually work with other areas relevant to you, and, depending on their practice, should be able to hear you and assist you in recovery from IPSV and related traumas.

Be aware that psychologists have different qualifications for working with trauma than some other counsellors - for example if you suspect you may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a psychologist is qualified to make that diagnosis whereas a social worker isn't. Sexual assault services are often staffed by both social workers and psychologists, and both do great work.

Also, I have asked counsellors to state their gender, because I know that women who have survived sexual assault may prefer a female counsellor. However, I hope that male counsellors will find their way into this database, because I know of many male therapists who work excellently with sexual assault and domestic violence; some of their healing clients are personal friends of mine.

Utlimately, you may find that the gender or level of qualification of the counsellor will often matter less than his/her ability to respond to sexual assault issues empathically and skilfully.

Please check back regularly as the database grows.

.I wish you the best support, which is what you deserve.

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As a survivor of intimate partner sexualassault, have you had good, bad or mixed experiences when attempting to seek help? You are most welcome to share about them here.

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