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"Young girl it's alright
Your tears will dry
You'll soon be free to fly
~ Christina Aguilera~
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I get numerous accounts of rape from young teenage girls. Whether your story is about partner rape or not, I am incredibly concerned about the dreadful situations you face, and because the story forms don't contain email, I can't return contact. Some of you have never told anybody. Please, if you are a young teenage girl - whatever has happened, see this page and reach out to somebody for help. If you like, you can read my story about being an abused teenager here - please know that with the right support, the way you feel won't last forever xx

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Survivor's Story: I remember the way he walked into them room, stressed about the possibility of getting caught with alcohol in his dorm room for the 6th time. Im not sure what initially drew me towards him, was it his obvious athletic ability, his warm charisma or his ungodly good looks? Im not sure, but after 10 plus shots it seemed like a good idea to go back to his room. Slamming the door in my friends screaming faces, we left. For the first few minutes we ignored my friends shouting obscenities at us, by making out. After our first make out session we talked on a multitude of topics. If my drunken memory stands we hit it off pretty well, we found that our views were pretty similar and wanted the same things from life. Before I blacked out he asked for my number and asked me several times to hold him down (be his girlfriend). Of course we were both drunk, so I'm not sure if he meant it, but at that moment I wanted to do nothing more.

The next morning I woke up in a daze, with him fingering the crap out of my vagina. It felt really really good, but in a still slightly drunken state I realized that I was completely naked. Fuck!! I did not remember taking my clothes off!! He saw the look of panic in my eyes and pointed to a chair where my clothes were neatly folded. I had to go and take an exam so I rushed out without really saying goodbye. I walked to my classroom still feeling drunk and took my exam, feeling a wash of shame, deceit and alcohol. After the test I returned to my room and found a huge hickey on the very center of my neck, a trophy of one of my stupidest mistakes. Then I threw myself into my bed and slept. I awoke to two of my best friends ____ and ______ sitting in my room. They had talked to the roommate of the "the jerk," and found out that we had sex three times that night! I felt like I was going to throw up. So many questions entered my mind. Did he use a condom? Did he have an STD? Did he brag to his friends? These questions ran through my brain for weeks, distracting me from living and making me feel like the worst excuse for a human being.

Even though after the event he completely ignored me, even hanging up in one of my friends faces when she tried to find out if he used contraception a huge part of me was unbelievably attracted to him. I wanted to be with him, and when the symptoms of pregnancy started showing up I started to develop this weird sense of attachment to him. Now it has been almost 3 weeks since our sexual encounter and I am just now started to realize that there is one important question I forgot to ask myself…Was I raped?

It is so sad that the victims of rape often blame themselves when in all actuality the attacker is at fault. Every year there are tens of thousands of girls that are raped while too drunk to offer a means of consent. This does not give guys the right to take what is not theirs. The idea of raping a passed out girl is truly disgusting and is punishable by law. It makes me sick that most of the girls that are raped completely blame themselves and allow their attackers to get away scotch free, and hurt another innocent victim
Submitted March 17 , 2014 5 : 38 pm

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