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"IPSV"="Intimate Partner Sexual Violence"

July 2013: I have developed a full-day training workshop for professionals. See information here.

June 2013: Added a page on partner rape and fatality risk here.

December 2012: A nice soft Victorian-rose hued makeover in honour of Aphrodite Wounded's 10th birthday, plus refreshed links, more stories etc.

December 2011: Added: More stories, 4 new books, plus more resources for professionals

July 2011: Added: More stories PLUS new page here for non-IPSV stories. I added this because I do get stories that are not about partner rape. I don't like to reject them, and it seems important for the survivor to share, whatever type of sexual assault her story is about. So I have added this page for survivors of other types of rape and sexuial assault. Survivors of partner rape may also have had other experiences they feel like sharing. You can read and share about other types of sexual assault such as acquaintance rape, sexual assault by a stranger, incest, child sexual abuse, or any other sexual assault experiences that are not about partner rape.

June 2011: Added: A viewing page. Survivors and professionals can watch useful partner rape-oriented documentaries here.

May 2011 - new studies/papers under the "Free to Read" section of the Professional's page. Click here. Also, since rape-related or otherwise coerced pregnancy is so often a part of the experience of survivors of partner rape, I have added a page on this topic here.

November 2010: As return visitors can see, Aphrodite has, after 4 or so years, a new look and structure. For those who are thinking "oh here she goes again with the pinkness", well, I am a consistent soul and therefore have not disappointed you, have I? I think the new design is not radically different but is cleaner without sacrificing the prettiness I like to give my visitors, by which I mean that I think violated women deserve something fresh and pretty. I have a confessed fondness for pink and while I recognize that not everybody loves it, I guess the same would also be true if I'd picked any other colour. The softer pink is for nurturance, and the darker pink for strength.

While the primary focus of Aphrodite Wounded has always been support for survivors, I thought it was time to make it also more accessible to professionals and other visitor groups. I have also amalgamated information about my book and let it be purchased through this site.

The lovely new dropdown and flyout navigation menu is due to a nifty little program I purchased from Sothink.

I hope you enjoy the new design!

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