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"IPSV"="Intimate Partner Sexual Violence"

nless otherwise stated, everything written on this site is copyrighted by me. You are more than welcome to use anything you like for a site or a writing of your own - just a few ground rules:
  • Please don't plagiarize me - not that I'm assuming you would, but it has happened before (I could link you to the sites) and it's frustrating when all that is required is a simple email - or at very least, a link.
  • Please contact me to let me know what context you'll be using it in. In the case of feminist-bashing and rape-ridicule, no permission will be given but I am thrilled for others working with sexual and domestic violence to use what they will.
  • The stories of survivors featured on this site still belong to them and therefore cannot be used. If you want useable stories, my book contains those of thirty survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Assault.
  • If you are using a chunk of text for a website please cite it by saying "Information from Aphrodite Wounded at" or a variation on that theme.
  • If you are using it for a book or paper please use the following citation: Aphrodite Wounded, page link, date you saw the writing.

If you do use something from this site, I'd be really pleased to see it - this is not a rule; I'd just be tickled as I'm sure many people like to know where their work is going out in the world.

Thank you in advance for the courtesy of a contact email and/or a link or other appropriate acknowledgment.

Painting on right is Medusa the Gorgon, Copyright 2008 Howard David Johnson. That would be a fair representation of what I turn into when plagiarised, but it's too pretty :)

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