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I have developed a full-day workshop for Australian and New Zealand audiences titled When the Rapist is her Partner to train professionals - ie sexual assault and domestic violence workers, police, doctors, clergy and other professionals who intersect with survivors. My colleague and friend Helen Newman and I plan to co-present full-day workshops but please note that they can be of shorter duration if needed, and I will poresent them by myself..

For more information, please download a workshop flyer here, and do not hesitate to contact me at if you have inquiries or your organization is interested in hosting a workshop.

Dates of workshops can be found here.

Workshop FAQ
These are questions frequently asked about the workshops but again, for further queries please email me at

Q. Where are Louise and Helen based?
A. Albury, NSW

Q. What does it cost to host a workshop?
A. Please email for costs. While Helen and I have put down some costs we think are reasonable for our work, travel etc, we are open to some negotiation. Costing also depends on the length of the workshop.

Q. What is involved in hosting a workshop?
A. Your organisation - either alone or in partnership with other relevant organisations - picks a date and a venue, and invites 30 max or 20 min people to attend. If you are not sourcing funding to host the workshop, you might charge a registration fee to cover costs. Your registration fee would be the result of costs divided by the number of participants. Helen and/or I come and present. We would need facilities with a whiteboard, data projector and screen. We are both proficient in PowerPoint.

Q. You/your organisation can't host a workshop, but would like to be kept informed of dates in your area
A. Great! Send an email to and we'll let you know when something's happening in your area.

Q. Do you have any testimonials?
A. Not yet. Watch this space.

Thanks where it is due!

Thanks for help with putting the workshop together is due to the following people who gave tremendously helpful suggestions and generously let me pick their brains:

  • Jennifer Y. Levy Peck - Project Manager at Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP)
  • Ricky Hunter, author and seasoned workshop facilitator at Ricky Hunter and Associates
  • Di Macleod, Director, Stop Sexual Violence, Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Bonnie Brandl, National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL) USA
  • Jennifer Gentile-Long, Director, AEquitas: The Prosecutors' Resource on Violence Against Women, USA
  • Isabelle Kerr, Manager, Rape Crisis Center Glasgow
While this site will give updates and workshops, you can also find updates on Facebook and Twitter

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