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Survivor's Story: I have met this guy online. First of all, I must to say that I ignored all red flags. I found out he was addicted in marijuana and couple days later found out he was actually a drug dealer. I am not talking about a guy who hasnt a job or has a scare look. I am talking about an average white male who holds a steady job. Even though I was unconscious when the rape happened I know in my heart of hearts that this monster raped me with his friend. It is so scare when you fear for your body and your life, I guess we even develope sort of an attachment as a survival mechanism. For some reason, I still wanted to believe I was in love or love this guy. Today I understand, it wasnt love , it was fear! Just the way he looked at me scared me and I truly believed as long as I professed my love towards him I would be safe. We actually were seeing each other for almost 1 year,so I believed that nothing really bad could come from someone you actually are seeing for a while and not just a nightstand. But my advice is that girls like me be very aware and never ever trust a man completely, always follow your heart and intuitions because they are never wrong. This guy was actually so scare of the consequences of his own actions that he broke up with me after rape me. I guess he was trying to have an alibi in case I reported him ( isnt the excuse guys give over and over again? ohhh I broke up with her and now she says I raped her?). Why not just broke up with a woman without having to rape her?? I think these guys are sociopaths, they cant live with a hurt ego, they have low tolerance for frustation so they do these horrible things to affect women negatively in their lives, otherwise they are forgotten in the sand of time. A guy who rape a woman dont want to be forgotten. he knows all the trauma he will cause and he actually enjoys it. I will confess I wish my rapist was still in touch with me because even though I would be putting myself at risk again, this time I would have all prepare to his advance. I would not have accepted that drink he offered me with drugs and I would have the law enforcement ready to get him in his act. I know its sad but its seems like today, if you dont do that, nobody will ever believe you was raped. Is like your word against a rapist word...
Submitted May 31 , 2013 4 : 16 pm

Currently Viewing 2 - 2 of 25
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