Support for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners
Educational Resources for Professionals
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"When compassion does not include yourself,
it is incomplete.
~ Buddha ~


Here is a collection of links to issues/causes/other, not necessarily rape or DV -related, that I consider worthwhile to support
If you have a fundraiser you'd like me to promote on this page, please feel free to contact me - I'm always honoured to help .

"IPSV"-"Intimate Partner Sexual Violence"

Corazon Scarves - Look Beautiful, do good! A friend bought me one of these for Chrsitmas - lovely!

Simon Weisenthal

Change a life for $25! Please consider loaning to the Kiva foundation. Your 25 dollars can change lives over and over again. Click here to find out more.

Safe World for Women - This organization addresses global issues facing women such as trafficking, poverty and domestic violence. I feel very passionately bout this one - Please consider supporting them - click here.

It's a Girl Documentary: In many parts of the world, the words "It's a girl" are fatal. You can help stop this gendercide. Click here.

Snap - Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
- A most important organization, particularly at a time when victims are facing ridicule, blame and legal bullying by the church. Do not let them be silenced again.

Children of Phoenix - this wonderful organization gives abused children a chance at education. It is founded by one of my most admired people, Professor S. Caoline Taylor. See here for more info.

Woman Against Rape - Purchase beaded Jewellery hand-crafted by survivors of rape in war.


Every day in our cities, women conscripted from other countries under false pretenses are being forced into prostitution by ruthless racketeers and repeatedly raped. Please click the logo and join Amnesty International in the fight to stop sex trafficking and other violence to women.

Fight the burning, mutilation and other "honour killings" of the world's women. Click the logo to see the work done by the SURGIR foundation..

The Christina Noble Children's Foundation
Christina Noble is a hero of mine. This woman experienced a dreadful history of child abuse, abandonment and rape, yet came out of that history to form a foundation that has improved the quality of life for thousands of children in Vietnam and Mongolia. Christina's story and her work will amaze and inspire you. To find out more, and to help her mission, click the logo.
Justice for Magdalenes
Anybody with a heart for human rights issues must be appalled at the plight of Irish women and children who, throughout the 1900's, were imprisoned, used as slave labour and abused physically, emotionally and sexually (many abused to death) in church-run institutions known as the Magdalene Laundries.To find out more, please see The Magdalene Story  Please be in a strong space, because this may be intensely distressing. There is also an online mailing list that those interested can join.

The Nizkor Project
Fighting Holocaust denial dressed up as "academic" in an effort to lend itself legitimacy, and the danger of Antisemitism erupting into a repetition. The fight against liars who deny the Holocaust is tremendously important. Click here for more information.

Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres
I love this organization, and particularly their actions around women and children damaged by war rape. Click here for more information.

Emma Foster Memorial
The Emma Foster Memorial Fund was established in memory of Emma Foster, a young woman who passed away early in 2008. Emma and her sister, Katie Foster were sexually abused by their parish priest, Kevin O'Donnell. Emma died of a medication overdose, aged 26. Katie already had a life sentence - a physical and mental disability sustained as the result of a pedestrian accident while under the influence of the alcohol she used to numb her pain. You can donate to survivors of child sexual abuse here.