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"My body's not a foottball for you
My womb is not a football for you
~ Sinead O'Connor ~
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Survivor's Story: It happened when I was 18 my first freshman year in college I few teammates(I am on a sports team female) and we gathered in my dorm room most of us were finished with finals and were excited and ready to cut lose my roommate and I made so punch with alcohol and our friend brought their own as well

We all started to drink and everything was going great and we started to get low on liquor so one of my teammates said it's ok I have more in my room (a neighboring dorm 2min away)

I volunteered to go because my liquor had not gotten to me yet I felt fine I would run and go get the liquor and come right back that's when one of the guys on my team (let's call him Tim) volunteered to go with me since he shared a room with the guy he was kind of tipsy but for the most part ok.

I didn't think much about it why wouldn't I have a reason not to trust him we were on the same team

Well we left and got on the the elevator he started trying to push himself on me I told him to move and pushed him back he left me alone..until we got to the other dorm as we were going up the stairs he began to try and squeeze my butt I slapped his hand away I wanted to hurry and get the liquor and get back to my friend I was feeling uncomfortable especially since I had a bf at the time.

Once we got to the other room I began to feel my liquor the more I moved the heavier I felt so I opened the door and tried to go the the refrigerator and I feel my arm being yanked and pulled into a room I tried to leave and laugh it of but he grabbed me by my waste and reached in his drawer once I saw what he reached for (condom)I tried to hurry out but he scooped me by that waist and put me on the bed I tried to sit up but my head was spinning and I think he knew that he pushed me back on the bed and my body felt so heavy I don't remember him pulling his pants down next thing I remember what my dress was being lifted and my panties being moved

After that he penetrated me and started raping me I told him to stop,please we shouldn't be doing this stop, he covered my mouth to keep me quiet I couldn't move he's not that big but my body was so heavy from the alcohol and I wanted to throw up so bad time passed and he eventually finished and he was done. After he finished he said I know you like it , you wanted right? He kept asking me that I wanted him to leave me alone he kept asking and I just said yea and left I didn't go back right away I stayed outside trying to piece together what happened to me... I went back and blocked the incident out I told my good friend the next day and now being 21 is still dealing with it but I got to therapy and I'm doing better but I'm still on the team with him...I hate being around and hope he leaves but I didn't press charges I was ashamed and I had been drinking I knew no one would believe was my word against his and I felt deep down he would win so I kept quiet...

Submitted April 24 , 2014 4 : 27 pm

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