Support for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners
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“Another reason abusers don’t want to give up the ‘power’ is that they don’t want to give up the power.”
~ Sara Niles ~

Experience of Survivors of IPSV with Counselling and Other Services

Please share your experience in the form below - but first read some ground rules:

  • While this is a space for you to post as honestly as you are able about positive or negative experiences - from the great to the most egregiously rotten - remember that this is NOT a forum for bashing services in general or telling on a specific counsellor or service. We just want YOUR experience of a type of service and how it affected you. Hence, please do not give the name of any counsellor, other service provider or organisation. Posts that directly name counsellors or organisations will be removed.If you have had a very bad experince, I hope you feel able to go through avenues of complaint, because you deserve better!
  • You may have had many positive or negative experiences with different or similar types of services. You can share as many times as you like BUT:
  • Please post about ONE type of experience (either positive, negative, a mixture of both), with ONE type of service per post only . When you have posted your experience, you will be given the option to post a similar or different experience with a counsellor or service. This makes it less confusing for readers.
  • A note about the "Mixture of Both" posting option: I recognise that it can be hard to identify all experiences as strictly either "positve" or "negative" and that survivors have had experiences with one service that were not entirely negative, or were largely positive with some problems, so there is a third posting option, and here's how you use it: You can share experiences in the one post that were both positive and negative about the same counsellor or service, and you can tell us about that mixed experience. For example. If you saw one sexual assault service that was a mixture of both, post about it in the one post. But if you saw two sexual assault services, and had one good experience and one bad, please confine each experience to a separate post
  • Please call yourself anything you like - full names are not recommended.

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What type of experience are you sharing?
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Type of Service you as a survivor of IPSV have had experience with?
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Tell us about your experience with this service response to IPSV:
Effect your experience had on you?
What recommendations would you make to services like this for dealing with survivors of IPSV?