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Sharing Your Story: Guidelines and Suggestions - PLEASE READ | Where to Share your Story | Cautionary Note | Need Your Story Removed?

"IPSV"="Intimate Partner Sexual Violence"

PLEASE NOTE I have had some distressing stories from young children about rape or other assaults they've experienced or which are ongoing. When this happens, I must tell the police, in order for them to help stop the abuse. When you share your story, an IP address is logged which traces to your city. If you are a young child, I then email the police in that city your story and other details. I normally never use the IP addresses of people submitting their stories for any purpose, but if a child is being abused by an adult, it must be stopped, and you deserve that. Remember that the abuse is NEVER your fault and that you should still reach out to somebody, even if the person hurting you has threatened you and you are scared. If you don't want to share your story with me, please reach out to another grownup.


Please read the following before submitting your story:

  • When you share your story, use any name you like - full names aren't a good idea online. If you are still in danger, a false name may be best.
  • If the perpetrator of your assault was not convicted of the crime/s against you, that person's full name cannot legally appear on this site. First name or a pseudonym will do
  • Sharing your story isn't an English test, but you'll be doing me a huge favour if you spell-check and punctuate. Begin sentences with caps and end them with full stops. Try to have paragraphs instead of a big chunk of text - it makes easier reading. Because you can't edit your story once you've submitted it, you might like to write it in a word doc first, and then cut and paste.
  • Your story can be as short or as long as you like
  • You will not be judged by me on anything you write - be as no holds-barred as you feel comfortable with, and swear your head off if you feel like it.
  • If your story is NOT about sexual assault by an intimate partner, please do NOT put it in one of the parter rape story entry forms. You'll find below a place to share non-partner rape stories - and here you can share about acquaintance rape, sexual assault by a stranger, incest, child sexual abuse, or any other sexual assault experiences that are not about partner rape.
  • If your story includes partner rape AND other types of sexual assault, feel free to place them all in the partner rape category most appropriate to you. Or you can share more than one story of you want to.
  • Please put your story in the right category, which we'll discuss next.
For women from non-English speaking backgrounds: If English is difficult for you, it's okay to write your story in your own language.
I have categorized the stories in order to make it easy for survivors to choose the particular types of situations they want to read about. Pick the category that best fits your story, click the link and go submit. The categories are:

It may be that you unfortunately had several perpetrators through more than one age group. Feel free to pick the category that seems most relevant and tell as much of your story as you like. Or you can submit more than one story in different categories. PLEASE post your story in the correct category or it won't appear. I hate to state that twice but you should see the ton of stories I get say, in the marital rape section that aren't about marital rape!

Thank you for your courage, sister.

You may find that writing your story is cathartic and rewarding - but some women do feel raw afterwards. That's quite normal - do give yourself a reward, and get support if you need it - either from a rape counsellor (go here), a good friend and/or Pandora's Aquarium, which is open 24/7 and you'll be very welcome if you are over sixteen.If you are under 16, here is a page of resources that can help you.

If at any time, writing your story is triggering flashbacks, anxiety or other strong negative feeling that you believe may become overwhelming, please stop and take gentle care of yourself using the above suggestions or any others that work well for you. You don't need me to tell youthat you've been through enough trauma, and deserve to be good to yourself.

If you believe that you will feel the need to self-harm, abuse a substance or otherwise engage in self-destructive behaviour as a result of touching too closely on your story right now, I urge you not to do so but come back when you have a bit more healing under the belt. You'll get there, my friend - there was once a time when I couldn't hear my ex-partner's name without getting drunk to relieve the fear it created. So I know how it can feel - do what's best for you, okay?

Your story remains your property, on loan to this site. It can be removed any time you like - please contact me with the link to the page the story is on. You must provide the link - I don't have time to browse 348563 stories looking for one particular story. Send me the link and it's gone :)

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